I'm Sasha, a traditionally trained tailor and fine artist and Starlight is the houseboat I live on in East London :)

I started Sasha Starlight after becoming frustrated at the lack of age diversity in the fashion world - I just wasn't seeing imagery or representation of the vibrant and inspiring women I know, love and admire and I wanted to use my skills to create a fun, colourful and sustainable label that's genuinely as wearable from your 18th year to your 80th

I'm passionate that fashion can & should give women of all generations the freedom to express themselves unapologetically & joyfully as their most authentic and spectacular selves

I care about making women feel confident, empowered & visible and believe that the world will be a better place when we value our beauty and contribution at every stage of our life journey, take up the space we deserve and inspire others to do the same

Sasha Starlight is all about boldly printed soft tailoring, drawing on my Savile Row experience to design flattering and flexibly sized cuts that adapt & change with your body throughout the many years I hope my pieces will remain a favourite in your wardrobe

I design all the prints myself and love to use bright colours and unusual imagery to make you smile, turn heads and spark conversations! And the best bit - I always include an element of the print that can be personalised with your own message to make each piece a completely unique and let your individuality really shine through!

This is show-stopping intergenerational fashion for fabulous women to live boldly in. Clothes to treasure a lifetime and make some kickass memories along the way!

  • Cut

    Every Starlight style is designed, cut and handmade by me personally at my London studio. I trained in traditional tailoring, pattern cutting and couture and started the label to bring the best elements of these disciplines - quality, sustainability + the beauty of a hand crafted piece - to a wider audience in a unique + fresh way. It’s really important to me that the designs are comfortable, practical and versatile as well as being loads of fun to wear - these are clothes you can ride a bike, climb a tree and then go for cocktails in! Most of my pieces are flexibly sized, either with a dramatic oversized silhouette or with clever detailing allowing the piece to be shaped to the body of the wearer

  • Colour

    I love wearing colour myself and I want to share that! Pastels, brights, contrasting and complementing. I take time picking the shades for each collection to offer distinctive colourways that can be combined together in unique and surprising ways or paired with neutrals as a striking statement. Although things are changing it's still not easy to find ethical + sustainable clothes if you're allergic to black, grey and beige 🙋‍♀️🤣. I made Sasha Starlight for womxn who love to stand out in clothes that are as carefully made as they are colourful ♡

  • Print

    I started my creative journey as a fine artist, studying Painting + Printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art and often use my own painting + illustration as a starting point for the Starlight print designs. I love seeing my paintings come to life on the clothes and see print as a way to literally paint the world around me ♡ All of my fabrics are digitally printed locally in London. Digital printing allows me to create unique designs while only ordering as much as I need for each garment to avoid any wastage. Also unlike traditional dying methods digital printing uses absolutely no water - saving thousands of litres in the process!