Sasha Starlight is a small independent clothing label founded in 2018 by me, Sasha Starlight on 3 founding principles: Cut, Colour + Print

  • Cut

    Every Starlight style is designed, cut and handmade by me personally at my London studio. I trained in traditional tailoring, pattern cutting and couture and started the label to bring the best elements of these disciplines - quality, sustainability + the beauty of a hand crafted piece - to a wider audience in a unique + fresh way. It’s really important to me that the designs are comfortable, practical and versatile as well as being loads of fun to wear - these are clothes you can ride a bike, climb a tree and then go for cocktails in! Most of my pieces are flexibly sized, either with a dramatic oversized silhouette or with clever detailing allowing the piece to be shaped to the body of the wearer

  • Colour

    I love wearing colour myself and I want to share that! Pastels, brights, contrasting and complementing. I take time picking the shades for each collection to offer distinctive colourways that can be combined together in unique and surprising ways or paired with neutrals as a striking statement. Although things are changing it's still not easy to find ethical + sustainable clothes if you're allergic to black, grey and beige 🙋‍♀️🤣. I made Sasha Starlight for womxn who love to stand out in clothes that are as carefully made as they are colourful ♡

  • Print

    I started my creative journey as a fine artist, studying Painting + Printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art and often use my own painting + illustration as a starting point for the Starlight print designs. I love seeing my paintings come to life on the clothes and see print as a way to literally paint the world around me ♡ All of my fabrics are digitally printed locally in London. Digital printing allows me to create unique designs while only ordering as much as I need for each garment to avoid any wastage. Also unlike traditional dying methods digital printing uses absolutely no water - saving thousands of litres in the process!